Our new House swings open its doors to more families, more rooms, and more moments together.

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Adopt a room and gain the opportunity to name that corresponding space after someone.

Our New Home

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Central Florida’s 31-bedroom home served 791 families in 2021 who stayed for an average of 94 days. Our House is at 100% occupancy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — with a lengthy waitlist. In 2021, we turned away 1,962 families. Moving our Ronald McDonald House program to a new location, with a capacity for 50 family suites, allows us to serve 682 additional families per year.

You can help us grow in many ways. Your gift to our new Home will ensure that families with ill children can have the support they need while their children are receiving life-saving medical care at our Children’s Hospital.

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Make a Difference

Phase II finalizes our goal of a three-story building to encompass 30 additional rooms (for a total of 80 rooms) and a comprehensive range of facilities that accommodate dedicated staff, volunteers, and families. Donation(s) to the expansion of our House will require commitments totaling just over $10,000,000.

With help, you, your family, your business, or your collaboration with multiple donors can be essential to keeping children near the care they need. Adopt a room and gain the opportunity to name that corresponding space after someone. Your gift plays an integral role in opening the door for more families to stay with us and find community, health, and peace during a difficult time.


Visiting Chef Kitchen

A kitchen provides nourishment to families when they return from a day at the hospital. The Visiting Chef kitchen is a special place for friends in the community to prepare a meal for families staying at RMHC, and with the expansion, will allow families to cook together even when Visiting Chefs are creating a meal.


Living Room

A room for hugs, quality time spent together and creating loving memories that will never be forgotten. The living room is central to comfort and relaxation in a home-like setting away from the medical environment to just get away for a moment.


Dining Room

Pass the “plate” — a place to gather together for a shared, hot meal. As the dining room will expand, so will the opportunity for families to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner together. The segmentation of the dining area includes tables that families can share or create their own space for a lovely time spent together while getting started or winding down for the day.


Central Courtyard

A peaceful oasis where families and children can enjoy the outdoors, play, and share stories. The Central Courtyard brims with opportunities for kids to be kids, whether that looks like riding tricycles around on the sidewalks or delighting in a picnic with family and friends.


Conference Room

A place to host meetings, conferences, and gatherings for our families, friends, and staff. The community room acts as a large multi-purpose space for activities and recreation as well as an area for RMHC staff to contribute to high-quality, family-centered care.


Sweets & Treats Kitchen

For the sweetheart, the baker, the place to equip sweets and treats for loved ones. In utilization with the kitchen, the sweets and treats area allows more area for families, visiting chefs, and friends to cook meals.


Each Family Guest Suites (50 available)

A respite from the hospital, but just moments from a child’s bedside for families to rest and regroup. Each Family Guest Suite is more than just a room to sleep in, they are designed to keep families together when they need it most.


Each Hospitality Station

(3 available) A station that welcomes compassion, hospitality, and amenities for comfort. With three new Hospitality Stations throughout the three wings of the House, families can easily access snacks, drinks, and more at all times and on the go without stopping by one particular room.


Family Lounge

A lounge to cozy up together and focus on the most important thing in life: Family. The new Family Lounge provides an area of peaceful respite where families and caregivers can spend some quiet time, engage in conversation, and enjoy a snack.


Each Laundry Room

 (2 available) A happy laundry room means a happy House and a happy family. With two fully stocked laundry rooms, families will wash and dry their clothing items without needing to leave or travel far from their rooms.


Indoor Playroom

A safe environment for children to explore, develop their creativity, and build friendships. The Indoor Playroom provides a magical play space and welcome escape for kids to enjoy being a kid, bond with siblings, and bring smiles to each child’s face.


Indoor Gym NAMED

A therapy of its own — grounded in the physicality of movement, strength training, and cardio. The current House does not have space for an indoor gym, but with this expansion, this active space brings a touch of stress relief into temporarily uprooted lives.

Financially Conscious

Decision Making

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Central Florida along with its Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers exercise the utmost care when it comes to stewardship of resources, and we strive to be financially responsible and conscious with every donation.

We exercise fiduciary responsibility by allocating monetary contributions, supplies, and services to specific needs. Our focus is on keeping family spirits high as we keep costs low.

As we move forward with our new home, we continue our commitment to utilizing your gift for the necessary purposes, and every decision we make focuses on how we can best support our families. If you have more questions, please reach out to Sherry at 352-374-4404 x 230 or shouston@rmhcncf.org.

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Stats from 40 years

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Our 31-bedroom house allows families to face the weight of illness together while receiving the best care for their children and the comforts of home. And yet, in 2021 alone, 1,462 families were turned away from the House because there were no available rooms. Those families faced childhood illness on their own, worrying about accommodations, meals, and nightly arrangements. Alone. More rooms mean more families, so we can say “yes” and offer each parent a place close to their child during treatment.


Your donation is tax-deductable to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you for your support!

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RMHC is recognized as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 509(a) and has 501(c)(3) status. Donations to RMHC are deductible. Donors should consult their tax advisor for questions regarding deductibility. The RMHC EIN is 59-1887896. A copy of the RMHC determination letter is available upon request.

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